College Student Faked his Own Kidnapping to distract his parents from his bad grades

The Stress, the beastly look in their eyes when you tell them that you've failed, the shouting, the threats  'with these marks my friend,You're going to live in the village all your life' Your mother Crying in the kitchen while chopping meat for lunch. We've all been there, I know African kids can relate to this...Telling your parents you got unsatisfactory marks is tough. 
Missing: Aftab Aslam, 19, received an F in English class and faked his own kidnap
Aftab Aslam, 19,Gwinnet College student from Georgia, USA, faked his own Kidnapping! That was after receiving an F in English class at his college, before he went home he texted his parents as if he were 'the abductors' and said their son had been kidnapped and warned them not to call the police or he would be killed. The parents did however  phone the police, who also brought in the FBI for what they said was an 'intensive investigation'. They found out he was camping in a tent in an open field in Forsyth County, he went back  home eight days later keeping the pretense saying he had been drugged and held prisoner.