Enjipai Jewelry By Nasreen Karim

Authentic Maasai Jewelry by Former Tanzanian Beauty Queen Nasreen Karim

"Enjipai" means Happiness in the old Maasai language and it pictures our ongoing efforts to help and improve the living conditions of the Maasai community in Tanzania, by showing to the world their love for art and creative talent in making authentic and unique accessories and jewelry.
When buying one of the unique women's accessories made by other women, striving to secure good health and education conditions for their children, always makes you feel that every piece of accessory or jewelry tells a story of how you were able to help a child and sustain many generations to come, which makes every peice an invaluable one.
Enjoy the wide range of accessories and Jewelry made by the Maasai women, at any of our points of sales outlets and thank you for seeding "Enjipai" in the heart of every child and woman in the Maasai community.