Going Bongo:Updates- Meet Emanuela

Her name is Emanuela Galliusi, she's an Italian actress living in US.
She flew straight to LA from New York with  her own money to audition for the role of Laura Carmenucci right after reading the script. She read it , cried, took the next flight to LA to audition for the part  of a volunteer Italian doctor in Tanzania, Dr.Laura Carmenucci. 
Hundreds of actresses auditioned for that part!

Emanuela Galliussi was born in Udine, Italy.
She took dance and acting classes her whole life and after winning different competitions and scholarships as a dancer, she decided to turn her focus on acting full time and moved to Rome.After being accepted to the prestigious Accademia Nazionale D' Arte Drammatica "Silvio D'Amico" she quickly began to work alongside of some very talented Italian directors like Gabriele Muccino, Michele Soavi, Renato De Maria in cinema, television and theatre.She briefly lived in Paris where she had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Juliette Binoche.With the support of her acting coach Susan Batson (coach of Kidman, Cruise, Dunst etc.). she decided to move to NYC where she got cast in handful of indie features.
Stay tuned for the Going Bongo Trailer! It Will be out soon this week!