Hakuna Matata: The Man Behind it

Ibrahim Max, The Man Behind Hakuna Matata Republic Clothing line, The Tanzanian US based artist lets us in on his life. Young People doing big things!

2 years ago I began a clothing line and named it Hakuna Matata republic a word that is misunderstood and underated, Hakuna Matata is a Swahili word originated from Tanzania and also Was used in lion king the Disney world anime. Hakuna Matata doesn't just define no worries. Its an outlet of a word that defines other words like Happiness, strength, being positive, type of lifestyle, visual inspiration, change, expressing yourself and being different. So I did my best to indulge the concept take the word and turn it to what it's suitable graphic and have mutuality with the word itself

I was Born in 1989 currently 23 years old, came from (Africa) Tanzania, dar-Es-salaam (kariakoo) narugombe street, I am now located in Maryland, Wheaton, which is in the United States of America
I first started putting things together, according to what they where surrounded with. What does attract an individual when he/she looks at a picture. It's not one specific thing 1.The place the picture was taken 2.the wheather 3. The quality 4. What's on the background 5. What's behind the picture
That's what led me to graphic designing, my goal is to expand human being, friends, family, individual visual knowledge just because it's photography can't be creative and leave you speachless