Homosexuality in Africa: Progress?

While Africa still struggles on the tough Journey of Homosexuality Acceptance, somewhere in Nairobi Condoms for Homosexuals are readily made available to protect partners from HIV.

 Moi Avenue, Nairobi, one shop started retailing the condoms formally known as ‘finger cot’.“Each poach contains one fingerdom and we are selling it at Sh100,” a lesbian seller at the shop told The Standard on Sunday.The shop is a convenient outlet for gays and lesbians where they buy products that they use for identification.The introduction of the ‘finger cot’ that is used for oral sex in Kenya is one of the ways in which the gay community is pushing for its influence locally and also efforts to ensure safer sex.While President Obama tried to use his tour to push for Gay rights in Senegal, he didnt seem to get through just yet. He even compared Gay rights in Africa to Racial struggles in USA but President Macky Sall of Senegal told Obama whereas Senegal was not “homophobic” his society was not ready to decriminalize homosexual behaviour.Mr Sall told Obama that countries make decisions on complex issues in their own time and went onto lecture Obama that the US is one of the few democratic nations that maintains a death penalty.
In some countries in Africa, Homosexuality gets the death penalty.