Is this the beginning of Tribalism in Tanzania?

Not something we should turn a blind eye to

Ambitious Maasai elders meeting organized by the Arusha Regional Commissioner Magesa Mulongo at the  Technical College field attended by Maasai elders the resolutions of the meeting were:-Never allow any leadership possitions from the current ambassador, ward charimen, legislator, mayor and all the top opportunities  in Arusha to be entrusted to the Chagga tribe or any other.-No Plot or Land Ownership for the Chagga in Arusha-Chagga leave Arusha to return to Moshi.
This might all sound silly,stupid  and nothing but restless rant but tribalism starts like this and we shut up to this and i tell ya before we know is the Zaramo will be kicking us out of Dar O_O