Kenya's Marriage Bill

Kenya's Marriage Bill has caused a bit of an uproar,the bill stands more on the side of women strengthening their rights in marriage, introduced in the Kenyan Parliament on Tuesday. Most have argued that it shouldn't be passed. However I find it quite okay, If someone promises to marry you and cant deliver..sue them...women out here are wasting 7 good years with a man who later declares 'no intention' sue them all.... The rest of East Africa should be taking notes off this bill, way too many cases of inheritance claims for women who lost their husbands and women being ripped off to polygamy. 
JAIL FOR POLYGAMYThe bill proposes the legal recognition of polygamy under Muslim or customary marriage provided that a man declares before marrying his first wife that it is a potentially polygamous union.Polygamy would not be allowed for those taking part in a Christian or civil marriage.Those who enter second marriages illegally could be jailed for five years and/or fined 300,000 Kenya shillings ($3,500).RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENTOne of the clauses attracting the most debate - and anger among men - is the declaration that "damages may be recoverable by a party that suffers a loss when the other party refuses to honour a promise to marry."MINIMUM AGE TO MARRYThe bill sets the minimum age for marriage at 18, in the hope of protecting young girls from being married off against their will, acommon practice in some communities. Those who marry someone under 18 could be jailed for five years and/or fined 1 million Ksh ($11,500).DOWRY PAYMENTThe bill also says that dowry payments should be only a "token amount" where such payments are necessary to prove a marriage under customary law. At present, dowry payments can be an incentive for poor families to marry off their young daughters.
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