Miss Scuba Diving

Yes There is a Pageant For absolutely everything, broadening horizons for people like us who have  *ahem ahem* various extravagant talents ..Ping Pong, Mdako...skipping rope ...SCUBA DIVING!

The Miss Scuba International pageant was held for the very first time in 2011. There has been many a beauty pageant held in the past, many embracing great causes, however none yet have focused on our oceans. Life on Earth as we know it today began with our oceans. Thus, we decided that it is time that an event such as this is produced to celebrate, not only, the inner beauty and courage of today's modern women, but also to simultaneously advocate worldwide marine conservation.

Tanzania is the first African country to take part in it and the grand prize is $25,000. Yup, Im in. 
Watch this space for more info. Coming Soon to Tanzania

Did I Forget To mention another Pageant on the way next year, 
Miss Planet Contest celebrates the women’s beauty, the tourism in the world and humanitarian causes such as the protection of our planet and the protection of human rights ...
Miss Planet is a unique contest. Contestants must have good character, with beauty of face, a good physique, a high level of fitness and possessed of good personality. The judges will be looking for a woman who will be an example in the world.

The contest is expected to be held in France from 01st  to 11th  May 2014.
The final will be Saturday 10th May 2014.