Obama in Tanzania

The Time has come.. Roads were Closed..Planes Didnt Fly.. Security was crazy tight. The Obamas are in Tanzania.
 I dont know what was funnier, TBC1's Hillarious commentators or the ecstatic bands at the airport who cheered aloud as soon as Air force one touched down, while our national Tv's commentators were  busy explaining to us how technologically advanced Barack Obama's cars are (The Beast/Cadillac 1) that it is scientifically impossible to even shoot them.

                                                      Arriving at the airport

Obama Bust a Move on the spot

Live From TBC1 we watched the Cars headed from the airport to our Ikulu

Arriving at the white house

A few hours later

I Hear the Police Band Played Joto Hasira by Lady Jaydee at the Red Carpet at the white house and at the airport. Say Good Joto... RIP SHIDA ...KNOCK KNOCK MONEY... hahaha Those folks are something else..Obama was dancing to it. I wonder if he knew what it meant. lolest....a personal request from our President who has a lively sense of humour I presume?...

The Streets

By the Way...Ocean Road has been named Barack Obama Drive, I kid you not. Just Incase you think Im being silly I have pictures. lol

Bernard Membe, Minister of Foreign Affairs Reading through the schedule of Events