Oprah's Serengeti Visit

The world's widely recognized, television talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey, landed in Serengeti early July just days after Mr. Obama left Tanzania for what has been described as a 'private excursion' She was with her long time boyfriend Stedman

Oprah With Susan Mashibe
"It is going to be Oprah's private tour," said Mr Paschal Shelutete the Public Relations Manager for Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) which manages Serengeti, the country's second largest National Park, but which is also the most known tourist destination in East Africa . We heard Oprah remained as private as her excursion was billed to be. Everything was kept personal, no media or any third party personalities were allowed to visit her at Grumeti Lodge.. 
She shared a video of a close encounter they had with an Elephant in Serengeti