Patrick Ngowi Among Forbes's Top 10 African Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For in 2013

Just 5 months ago Patrick Ngowi was on the Forbes list for Africa's Best Under 30 Entrepreneurs and Today Forbes Tells Us He's One of the Top 10 African Entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2013! 

The Helvetic Solar Founder whose company is involved with the handling, supply, installation and maintenance of hydro turbines, solar power and thermal systems in East Africa says Helvetic’s revenues are expected to hit $7 million before the end of this year and the company is extremely profitable. Last year the company did about $3 million in revenues. 
 He also offers basic lighting facilities to Tanzania’s rural poor through his Light For Life foundation. L4L is an initiative by the Helvetic Solar Founder in which he donates his gross salary towards the project, L4L  gives back to the community by offering basic lightning facility to the rural households by providing a  Helvetic Solar Brand kit which contains basic lighting for homes  as well as phone charging capability.

The Entrepreneur has definitely become a household name in Tanzania with his  success as an inspiration to everyone and having young people look upto to him for being successful so young and setting an example by giving back to our community. Congratulations to him yet again as he continues to Amaze not only Tanzania, but Africa and beyond.

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