Reactions to Ethiopian Airlines Fire at Heathrow

The Amount of Ignorant people on social networks is disturbing. 
Ethiopia started trending for all the wrong reasons on friday after Heathrow's runways were closed for 90 minutes and some evening flights delayed by more than six hours after Ethiopian Airways Dreamliner Jet Ethiopian Airways Boeing 787 caught fire. There were no passengers on the plane, no one was hurt and no the fire was treated but Boy oh Boy the tweets that were passing me by were hurtful
Heathrow airport

@DerekDuvall86 Forget the plane fire at Heathrow, what i want to know is how the fuck Ethiopia managed to afford the Dreamliner in the first place.
@pragueairport never thought I’d hear Ethiopia and Dreamliner in same sentence!
@06_rich Wtf. Ethiopia has an airline,don’t expect any food on board.
@oFrizzleJizzle That Ethiopian airlines plane caught fire because it’s made from sticks and mud. What did you expect?
@thereaddigger Never mind the #Heathrow fire, how on earth did Ethiopia afford brand new airplanes?
Sigh. 2013 . 1980 Mindstate. Sad Sad Sad.

@emem_chi “Ethiopian Airlines plane catches fire” … Honestly, i didnt realise theyd discovered fire in Ethiopia.
@summervilleguy BREAKING NEWS: Ethiopia has an airline!
@Nhatorious Who in Ethiopia even flies on the 787 Dreamliners?
@lee_p65 Why have Ethiopia got a Dreamliner, when they can’t feed their people #confused
@jimigrimble Ethiopia can’t feed its population but it can afford a Boeing 787 #nointernationalaid
@davidhayes27 Ethiopia can afford Dreamliners but can’t feed their people……strange choices
@MrMcAnuts Ethiopia: 1987, a 3rd world country. GB spearheaded an initiative to help.
2013, their state of the art plane goes on fire in 3rd world GB
@BillShay2 WTF are Ethiopia Air doing with a Dreamliner anyway? Cost of plane £140m, UK AID £330m per annum. Mugged off. #Ethiopia #stopforeignaid
@misspiggyhelen Why does Ethiopia have an airline when it’s people are starving?
@Antikrish If Ethiopia has 50 fancy dreamliner airplanes, why the fuck are we still sending them rice?
@movieScope Ethiopia-one of the world’s poorest countries yet govt owned airlines buy Boeing Dreamliners for a pop which can’t afford to fly?
@48thEagle How can an airline owned by a government as poverty stricken as Ethiopia afford a Dreamliner?
@FalconPez I’m quite surprised that a country that is in such poverty, thatEthiopian Airlines can afford the brand spanking new 787 Dreamliner!
@swedishmarcus The most surprising thing about the news of an Ethiopian Airlines fire at Heathrow is that Ethiopia has an airline.
@_emmamae Yeh! Not surprised though… It’s Ethiopia airlines..
@skirbi year after year we are asked for charity for Ethiopia yet they can afford to have a their own airline using 1 of the most advance planes
@femiTRIPP Ethiopia is got a thriving airline flying all over the world yet Nigeria do not have one single plane
@BAlexMA The passer by white guy said “I didn’t even know Ethiopia had airline.” The fire at least put us on the map.
@andiaye_ Someone commented :” if Ethiopia is a poor country how can they afford to have Boeing” and someone else replied :’ they receive aid”.
@AndySana Surprised by reactions about Ethiopia owning an Airline, operated for sixty years and not well known? where is our marketing coin going to?
@theforgetler Jah! (I crack myself up sometimes)Ethiopia has an airline??