Spotlight: Leen Samyn

Leen graduated from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium in 2001 and has a Master in Fashion Design. 
After her graduation she worked as a costume designer and stylist for Belgium Films. She has several years of experience in the media and entertainment industry. In 2006 she moved to Tanzania where she found the inspiration for her Morani collection. Inspired by the freedom and beauty of the African culture and specifically the colorful beadwork of the local Maasai Tribe, she introduced her first collection The Morani sandal, meaning “Warrior” in the Maasai language.
The beadwork is hand crafted by local Maasai women’s groups around the villages of Arusha. Her business is set up with the intention to educate and create opportunities for Tanzanian women.

Morani Sandals have become quite the hype, like All Maasai, Accessories  Check out Morani Sandals at Sydney Fashion Week MBFW