Tanzanian Drug Smugglers

The number of Tanzanian young people caught smuggling drugs at airports across is troubling really, its like ever week we hear a new name. Its insane.  Young people wanting the easy way out in life...if it seems to easy guys, there's a catch. Work your sweat of and earn a shilling.
Four Tanzanians in possession of illegal drugs with an estimated street value of 7.1 billion shillings ($4.4 million) were arrested in two separate incidents Saturday (July 6th), Tanzania's The Citizen reported.
Two women were arrested at O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa with 150 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine in their possession. The drugs, locally known as "tik", have an estimated street value of 7 billion shillings ($4.3 million), according to the South Africa Revenue Service (SARS).Agnes Jerald & Melisa Edward."It is the biggest tik or crystal meth bust that SARS customs has made at any port of entry," said SARS spokesperson Marika Muller.
In the second incident, two people were arrested at Julius Nyerere International Airport Saturday afternoon in Dar es Salaam with two kilogrammes of heroin in their possession, with a street value of 90 million shillings ($55,000).

While just in early in June,  Four Tanzanian Boxers Case Ramadhani Fills, Nathanael Elia Charles, Ally Rajabu Msengwa na Petro Charles Mtagwa.
were sentenced 15 years in Prison after pleading guilty to heroin smuggling charges in Mauritius.