Africa's Richest Cities


Cities of Africa 2.0
According to  New World Wealth Survey Johannesburg is Africa's Richest City with a concentration of dollar millionaires at 23,400 .New World Wealth tracks 120,000 HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) worldwide. The research firm draws its data from private bankers, stockbrokers, deal announcements and interviews with the rich individuals themselves.So ladies you know where to move to if you're digging for Gold. heheCairo, Lagos and Cape Town are the cities with the next largest concentrations of high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) with 12,300, 9,800 and 9,000 respectivelyw of ealthy individuals. The Kenyan capital was also only second to Accra in having the fastest growing rate of HNWIs.( High Net Worth Individuals)The next five cities in order are Durban, Casablanca, Pretoria, Luanda and Algiers, according to the survey.South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya are the highest ranking African countries, with 48,800, 23,000, 15,900 and 8,400 dollar millionaires respectively.
Sigh. Maybe One of Tanzania's Cities will make the cut next year.