China Zoo passes Off Dog for 'African Lion'

Hey, when business gets tough, pawn the client and pray the wont notice( Never do that)....But some things we JUST cant say...passing off a dog for a lion! Coz you see, many people have the ability to tell a dog,  FROM AN AFRICAN LION! Blame it Lion King. Some Zoo officials in China tried to pull a fast one of the kids.

A zoo official in Henan province said the dog - owned by one of the workers - was put in the cage when the real lion was sent away to a breeding centre.Outraged visitors to the zoo in Louhe city said they had been cheated.When they got to the cage marked "African lion" - which had a sign describing the range and characteristics of the animal - they were shocked to hear the creature bark.According to a report in the Beijing Youth Daily, the fraud came to light when a mother visited the zoo, in a park in the city of Louhe, to show her son the sounds different animals made, and the Lion Barked!
Like that wasnt enough,Other species were also 'mislabeled'  a white fox in a leopard's den and another dog was being passed off as a wolf.