Control Measures being Implemented on Sale of Corrosive liquids in Tanzania

Finally taking action on the acid attacks. Its about time

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Dr Eliezer Feleshi and the Chief Government Chemist (CGC), Prof Samuel Manyele, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Spoke at a Press Conference to address the issue. 
"We are not here today to cite individual incidences that have occurred in the past but rather to strategise on best we - my police, the governmentchemist, the DPP's office and the community - can collectively help check this growing trend where some individuals are wrongfully using chemicals to harm others," 

IGP Mwema said that a nationwide alert has been issued to all Regional Police Commanders (RPCs) to keep track of their chemicals, saying the use of acid as weapons was a worrying new trend. Prof Manyele explained that the measures to be taken would include closer supervision of all corrosive chemicals like sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acid and that his office will ensure that all distributors and retail sellers are licensed.He said that his office expected feedback on a monthly basis from all importers, distributors, retailers and users and that inspection would be increased and supervision upgraded. "We will also be consulting with the DPP and look into the Industrial and Consumer (Management andcontrol) Act no 3 of 2003 to see if there is need for an amendment," he said."As of now a person simply cannot go and buy so that they put in their cars at home. In a bid to discourage the sale of chemicals in small quantities authoritised sellers have to buy in 5 litres and more," he said. Prof Manyele said that his office will start a big public awareness campaign where information on what to do when involved in an attack and other related information will be posted on their website.- DailyNews