Futa Delete Kabisa

The New Campaign by Tanzanian Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) to battle bullying online. FUTA DELETE KABISA. Lets get peaceful online guys.

The TCRA Director General, Prof John Nkoma made the call in Dar es Salaam during the launch of a campaign aimed at encouraging better use of the communication networks, particularly social networks.

“Despite good development in the communication sector, there are few individuals whom use the networks such as telecommunications and social networks, for inciting violence, misleading the community, distracting peace and national development,As the communication sector grows, there is also a huge misuse of the platforms in the name of freedom of speech. So, this is a deliberate initiative to promote positive use of the ICTs…..of recent, we have seen escalation of unhealthy discussions about religions, incitements and other provocative statements through various communication platforms,”
 Our aim is to promote self-regulation which can be more effective in the use of ICTs. We want to discourage hate messages in all communication platforms and ask receivers to report to police and other authorities such cases,” he said before the conference that was also attended by bloggers and Facebook Group owners.
 We want to assist you bloggers to improve content and control messages that come in. We as regulators do license internet service providers but we do not have any regulation for you. 
The DG warned that any communication network that would be detected with such abusive language would be barred from communications.
He Stressed that the Electronics and Postal and Communications Act (EPOCA) of 2010 that prohibit bad use of communications reiterating the need for communications services providers and the public in general to abide the law for betterment of the sector’s development.The Director General also launched a song that would help encourage the better use of the networks. The song titled ‘Futa Delete Kabisa’ was composed by the Artists Mrisho Mpoto and Banana Zoro. 
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