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  El Salvador's Prisons
Somewhere in El Salvador they're prisons are inhumane...They're government has been putting MS-13 and MS18 gangs in these cages which were meant for a temporary 72 hrr for a pretty damn long time. Revealed by VICE reporter.
Prison Pits: Members of El Salvador's rival gangs the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) and Barrio 18 (M18) are penned in cages that are only meant to be used for temporary stays
An estimated 50,000 Salvadorans belong to the street gangs that have terrified citizens and left this small Central American nation of 6 million with one of the world's highest murder rates

Living in a Cave
Days ago one family from Jerusalem's Arab region were left with no choice but to live in a cave after the  Israeli authorities demolished their home east Jerusalem claiming it had been built without a permit.

Father Khaled al-Zeer al-Husaini, 39, and his five children have been forced to live in a cave in Silwan, East Jerusalem after Israeli forces demolished his home

The shack, built at the entrance to the cave, was formerly a stable for animals

Tanzania Children Gold Miners
New York-based Human Rights Watch said children as young as eight years old were working in small mines in Tanzania, Africa's fourth-largest gold producer.

Tomato Festival, Spain
  • it went down in the town of Bunol near Valencia where people threw more than 130,000 kilos of over-ripe tomatoes at each other. And for the first time in history participants charged 10 Euros to take part in annual festival for the first time, its usually free. Though this time Spain is in recession hence they didnt waste to use public funding to clean up. 
  • Clean up:
    Joining in:

    Protesting Fast Food Workers Fill a Mcdonalds Resturant in New York Fifth Avenue
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    Tropical Storm 
    Kong-rey Chiayi County, Southern Taiwan.
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