When All the Applicants fail the Admission Exam, Liberia.

while we're still in disbelief of the 57% CSEE Form 4 failure. In Liberia they're experiencing a 100% Failure rate from kids who applied for University of Liberia Entrance Exam!
Not a single new student will be admitted into the University of Liberia this year after nearly 25,000 candidates failed the school’s admission exam.
A university official said students who took the entrance exam did not have a basic understanding of English, and it was the first time that all entrants failed.
Liberia’s President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, has said the country’s education system is still “in a mess” following a civil war that ended a decade ago.
Education Minister Etmonia David-Tarpeh will meet with university officials to discuss the 100 percent failure rate.