30 tonnes of Hashish on Tanzanian Registered Ship set to fire after being discovered by Italian Customs

Up in flames: The Tanzanian-registered cargo ship MV Gold Star is seen with its bridge in flames

Drug Smugglers on a Tanzanian Registered Ship set the 30 tonnes ship to fire and jumped off the ship after a helicopter from Italian customs discovered them. There were 9 people on board and they jumped overboard but were later rescued and brought to safety and now 'under arrest'The ship 'Gold Star' was sailing off the coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean. Helicopters and patrol boats were used to raid the ship and in the search, 30 tons of hashish were discovered which were said to be loaded on board in Turkey. The crew was Syrian and Egyptian.
on being caught the extremely stupid smart traffickers decided to set fire to the ship (burn all the evidence)... My oh My....who registered these guys in our name? Last thing we need is another drug mess in our name. watch the video below.