African Business Man Raped by His 5 wives, Dies.

Polygamy is pretty dangerous folks. One African businessman just died after being raped, .BY  HIS WIVES!
Uroko Onoja was out partying it up in Ugbugbu, Nigeria until he came home when the Cocks were crowing decided to have sex with his youngest wife, all was fine and dandy until his other 5 wives got jealous and walked in wanting the services too...they barged in the Master bedroom fully armed with knives and sticks attacking the man and forcing them to deliver to them their marital services as well...and he did, one by one until he was onto the 5th wife where he stopped breathing, dropped dead and the 5 women proceeded to run away. 2 have been caught so far. 
I think its high time we we illegalize polygamy doncha think?