Hottie Alert! New Face in The Tanzanian Fashion Industry, brought to you the Fas Magazine. 

His personality
I am a very social person. I love meeting new faces and interacting with people. Friends describe me as being witty, which is true I never fail to deliver a crude joke. I say things people are thinking but are too afraid to say aloud. I’m loud but not in an in your face kind of way. I have also embraced my inner hippie, being one for peace and all that other stuff. I’m also rocking a brightly colored rat tail at the moment.
How he differ from other models in Tanzania and in Africa in general
The thing that sets me apart from everyone else would be how unconventional I am. A friend of mine once told me, “you have the look but it’s different. You’re not another Clement Chabernaud or a Tyson Beckford. You are Mark Vagner Bomani, an original other worldly painting. You are the alternative model.”  Well self righteousness aside, I do agree  with the concept she has in mind. I am different and that I think is my strong point.
What do you find attractive in a woman?
I really find confidence to be attractive in a woman. Apart from confidence, I admire their beautiful bodies as every other 18 year old boy would. Plus, if a woman is easy on the eyes that’s just an added bonus.
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