Quick Question

This  Report from Standard Media made me ask this. 
is Online flirting Cheating? 
Is online flirting ever okay or harmful in a relationship?
Tim Obare, a married man with three children. He works as an administrator for an NGO, and most of the time is usually online on social media. The reason he can never give his wife his Facebook password is because he flirts with two women on Facebook.“It’s harmless fun. One woman is in Australia. She isn’t married, but she just types her fantasies, which I respond to. There is actually nothing going on between us,” he insists, revealing that the second woman is a social worker he met at a workshop. “She also spends her whole day outside the office, and we chat in the evenings. We haven’t met yet, but she knows I am married,” adds Obare. He insists there is nothing wrong in flirting with the women online, since it is all harmless fun.I don’t even plan on meeting them, I just chat and log out when we are done, but I am sure if my wife gets to know about it, she will jump into conclusions.