She Called Me Satan

I have a very interesting neighbor  She goes to church an awful lot...not that its bad, I do too. But then again this friendly neighbor of mine spends almost the whole day every single day there, I know for a fact because I see her there every when I drive by after work .. Sometimes I have to take her 6 year old twins in and entertain them when they come to my house to play coz Daddy traveled Mommy's not home and the maid ran away (which I'm still not sure they noticed). Now, I love children so I don't mind at all. Whats 2 kids who just want to watch cartoon, not a lot of work at all. Plus I have niece myself who taught me a thing or two about children, food and television and they're good. 

This neighbor,lets Call Susan (false name), is really young, 34 or something like that..She has lots of dreams lots of ideas but really doesn't follow up on them, she has a CPA.. Masters from a ivy League university,tonnes of experience from working for MNCs but quit to start a business which hasn't start till date. Most of the times she says she prays really hard every single day, for God to give her a business so to reach her goals or aspirations or something like that. But here's the thing,
she has never once tried to do ANYTHING in fact she doesn't know what kind of business she wants yet...but according to her God will show her and give it to her. She says she goes to church every single day for God to give to her a business. Yes.She wants to finally start her business, doesn't know what yet, wants God to give her a business I think those were her exact words. I find this sort of unrealistic thinking. Sadly I know a lot of people like Susan, who don't lift a finger but pray their lungs out speaking in tongue for God to help them in their goals and dreams and I go, so wait a minute...What do you actually want God to do for you? Drop you a business house, capital, registered licenses two workers and a couple of customers to start your day and occasionally throw you some crazy profits when he's free?  Saying this made me the topic among Susan + friends who labeled me a non believer and occasionally when they think i cant hear them 'Satan' she even warns her two twin daughters from coming to 'Satans House' 

I totally understand her anger, I even understand why she opted to call me 'Satan' don't we often label people who tell us the truth that we don't want to hear?...Haters, low lifes, the sort. We make excuses for them in our minds...we find reasons why they could possibly say something that hurt us. They could be haters in our minds, they could be satan...but are they right?

I find it so many people do so little and expect so much. Reminds of a certain story my uncle told me about a certain man named John, John would pray every single night for God to help him win the lottery like his relatives, coz it seemed every week one of his relatives won the lottery. He would pray long and hard and after 3 months he lost hope and concluded God has forsaken him until a deep voice boomed from above while he was on his knees and said 'John, look Buddy, I haven't forsaken you, but you have to help me out here.. meet me halfway, BUY A TICKET'  . 

How lazy we have become to expect everything to be done for us without lifting a finger, that we expect to pray for God to give us things and  watch them be done as we lay around drinking mojitos on the beach, I'm not so sure it works like this or someone please correct if i was wrong, does it?  Have a Blessed Sunday.