Spotlight: Magnoliata

This Collection is by  a Tanzanian Designer based in Sweden, Mitsuka Magnolia, the name of the collection is Ai Collection.
'Ai is Japanese for Affection' Mitsuka Says'It's just an introductory collection of 14 pieces and what's been released in photos is just some of the colllection.Ai, because those pieces reflect on my style and they also inspired the collection Im working on now.. Ai was also a fabric experiment for me, my love of leather, linen, african wax, silk and lace all mixed in one element of style creation..!This and a few more pieces will be available at the Asos Market Place (Online ina few weeks to come.. (to be announced)'
Name if the Label: Magnoliata
Name of the Collection: Ai

Photography: OsseGrecaSinarePhotography
Studio: ogsms
Modeling: OGSModels