21st September, an Upmarket Shopping Mall in Nairobi Kenya got invaded by unknown heavily armed masked men who are said to have killed at least 39 people leaving more than 300 people wounded, 20 hours after the attack and still no one knows the exact number of people still inside. One of the gunmen was said to be caught wounded but died at the hospital.
Armed policemen arrived an 30 minutes later. Followed by the Kenyan army later on to take control of the situation.  No one is sure of the reason of the attack but the terrorists are said to be Al Shabaab avenging the presence of the Kenyan Army in Somalia because according to website Slate, they had been tweeting while the attack was going on,'The message we are sending to the Kenyan govt & Public is and has always been just one: remove all your forces from our country.’
Praying for the victims and the families. Praying for Nairobi.  Graphic Images below.

Police help a woman out

armed police search customers in a bathroom

armed police inside westgate.

Survivors with their hands up as they're escorted out the building
While we cannot be certain of the claims  AP and MailOnline report the gunmen indeed targeted non muslims. one witness told AP that the gunmen had announced that they were targeting non-Muslims as they began their attack at the centre.Some of those who escaped were 'challenged to recite a Muslim prayer and were then let out',while Allan Sayers contacted MailOnline and said he was in the Westgate mall five minutes before the attack.The terrorists stormed the Westgate Mall and sprayed shoppers with bullets. Witnesses also told DM that the attackers told all Muslims to leave as they were only after non-Muslims.Those shoppers who tried to leave were asked by the  terrorists to name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother. If they failed to give her correct name of Amina they were shot dead, said one eye witness.After Muslim shoppers had left the mall, the terrorists reportedly threw grenades and fired AK-47s.
Soldiers arrive on the scene