Worst Dressed @ REDDS Miss Tanzania 2013

15 rules of Red Carpet Events!

1. Ladies, coordinate your shoes with your outfits not your clutch. 
2. Stop wearing belts on dresses that need no more details if        you're going minimalist dont do details
3. most importantly wear a dress that COMPLIMENTS YOUR SHAPE! 
4. Stop wearing those long flowing dresses flimery dresses if you     dont have hips to fill it in!! 
5. If you have a big tummy dont wear a dress that obviously prove    this to us!! 
6. Occasions Occasions Know what dress goes where
7.  Dont wear boots with a summer dress to a red carpet event!
8.  Dont wear club outfits to a red carpet event!
9.  Dont wear leggings or jeans to a red carpet event!!!!!
10. Wear a well fitting suit If you're gonna don a suit.
11. Your clutch must align with your outfit! Your details must       compliment your outfit, red earrings, blue wristband, black        watch.NO!
12. If you can wear it to church, you probably cant wear it to the red carpet. 
13. If you can wear it to the club, you probably cant wear it to the red carpet.
14. If we can see your bra or bra line, dont wear it girl social     suicide
15. Your shoes will define you, it might be a nice dress but the       wrong shoe will make the whole outfit wrong
               And always remember...........
The Dress Might be nice, but is it red carpet worthy?
The Ladies Below Have broken most of these rules. 
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All Images: 8020fashionsblog.