Its Now Legal To Shoot Poachers in Tanzania!

Khamis Kagasheki, Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism
One Elephant is Killed Every 15 Minutes. At This Rate None Will Be Roaming Wild in 2025- Thats the slogan for Arusha residents and anti-poaching campaigners where Tanzania joined 15 other countries in conducting the worldwide ‘March for Elephants!’ the  three km mass walk was held in its northern safari capital of Arusha,Arusha was one of the 15 cities across the globe which will take part in the international march for elephants scheduled to take place today. Other cities include Bangkok (Thailand), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cape Town (South Africa), Edinburgh (Scotland), London (Great Britain), Melbourne (Australia), Munich (Germany), Nairobi (Kenya), Rome (Italy), Toronto (Canada), New York City, Washington DC and Wellington (USA)and it is this during this event where Tanzania's Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism dropped the bomb on us...
"There will be no forgiveness when it comes to cases of poachers terrorizing innocent wildlife like elephants, rhinos and other species in this country," said Mr. Khamis Kagasheki.There will be no need for poachers to take them to court, he added.

The Solution to world poaching -Shoot them all! Your views? I for one think the price of ivory will sky rocket.