The best things in life arent free

Nothing I love better than response advertising, months ago…Colgate had to shut down a promotional stall at London’s Waterloo “BrushSwap” promotion which gave costumers a chance to switch  old electric toothbrushes to new ones worth £170, there was such a large turnout that the crowd numbers forced the staff to close the stall due  to limited supply of the products mentioned in the offer. Some costumers had even arrived at the stall London Waterloo as early as 5am to claim their free toothbrushes! Imagine that! Well their rival Philips’ Sonicare toothbrush brand quickly thought up a way to poke fun at the failed giveaway attempt and deployed creative agency Ogilvy and media agency Carat to create a teasing ad campaign with the strapline below

And that’s the headlines on my babble today.

They say you don’t realize how hilarious your upbringing was until you’re an adult, and looking back at all the things my parents made me believe when I was young they were pretty funny and creative…and so serious at it. Havent our parents all told us things when we were young… like, you melt when you walk in the rain, there’s a little man in the fridge who turns off the lights( wasted half my childhood looking for this man), cars have little people under them who carry them and run when your father puts the key in the ignition. The chain is endless…its things people tell us when we’re young and don’t expect us to believe them as we grow…we’re supposed to grow and discover the sad truth that There was  never any Santa Clause, am not sure about other African households but my parents refused to let the credit of Christmas presents go to an old white man they didn’t know, they made it very clear from the beginning they bought the gifts especially for us and the name tags were very specific. Love, Dad and mom. We indeed knew for a long time this strange man we saw in movies did not exist…unlike the other children.  

We’re supposed to grow and discover that babies do not come from flying birds and you don’t get pregnant by spending too much time talking to boys, this one was from my darling mother oh that lovely woman knew how to scare me, 'spend too much time with boys my dear, and boom you're pregnant' she knew exactly how I would interpret it, and it  worked for about 10 years, I was quite naïve and internet was really rare..conversations with boys were short and general in fear of a bulging belly if I spent 1 hour in a male’s company. I have to admit, I was a stupid one.  
Then that’s it you see…you grow and realize that all these things were just things people tell children to guard their innocence 
Then again I feel some of us are children still, holding on to things we shouldn’t, still. Not discovering that the things they told us were just, things they told children.
The best things are free.
I don’t know what ‘best things’ means to you
But me you see, Im not a fancy gal. Im actually quite simple oh yes, I like the little things in life. Little things, yes, that’s me.
A little yatch, a little plane, a little giant house in the mountains, with a little golf course in the back yard and a little swimming pool with a tinny little sport cars parked in the front…yes, little things.  
So best things for me is little things, but even these little things aren’t free. So what does ‘best things’ mean to you
Many would say, air health happiness, the target of lazy thinkers. But I love to call them ‘important things’ surely important, for us to live and the like. But even these important things, water, air, land ..are they free? they are not really free for us we’re paying the price of preserving them.  Paying the price for them all.
But what’s your ‘BEST THING!’
Your dream! Your wildest desire! That thing the child in you always craved, what is it? Is it Free?
Even if you’re gonna go the hypocrite route and say ‘a good healthy environment’ its not free, a lot of work has to be put into it to be good and healthy. My definition of free is without any sort of cost and sort of payment howsoever…love health friendship think about if…are they really free? if you water your garden and you pay for the water the garden is not free if you have a house with a lovely view then you bought that view when you bought the house…If your travelling cross country and admiring the sights the cost of it is the t price of your fuel/ticket, my definition of ‘not free’ is anything you have to pay for directly or indirectly is not free…which makes me think…well we pay indirectly for almost everything in this world! Do you see where Im getting at ‘ Nothing is FREE’ Call the press! Release your findings! They’ve been brainwashing us all along
And some of us are so brainwashed we think we’re entitled to all the best things…For Free.
Now don’t think im equating everything to money value …cost may equal time, effort…
They were striking once at a school I went, call me a traitor but I was never one for trouble of the sort, and the president of the campus walks upto me and asks ‘so why aren’t you striking Princessa? (this was the beginning of the la princessa name era where everyone thought the ‘la’ was stupid) Now I was quite tiny at the time and the president or head girl was quite tall and there I was with my little 'shamba dress' in the middle of a grass field lying on my back as my peers were striking for God Knows what, you could almost see the gulp in my throat when I gave my cheeky response  as the tall cross faced individual stood right infront of me ‘That’s Way too much work for free’ cause in my head I thought why hand free effort to a cause that didn’t make sense or benefit me or the immediate environment anyhow, no one hands me free things why should I?...There was that and the fact that I was an extremely lazy kid.
Nothing in this world is entirely free, someone somewhere put some work effort and energy into it…if it looks free, someone somewhere is paying the price for it! as we grow we learn, to get those ‘best things’ there need be a lot of effort. Gone are days where we’re spoon fed on a walker. Because the best things in life, aren’t as free as we were made to believe…the best things indeed need a lot of time effort energy.
And there we go ladies and gentlemen…now that we’ve established that nothing is free, Even the best things. When its ‘free’ for you, Appreciate it. Because someone somewhere is paying the price for that. Maybe with a liver, maybe with cash, and sometimes just sometimes…with expectation  but there are two sides to every coin and  best believe also sometimes… if its free…its probably not the best thing.