#AmazeAfrica by Samsung

Amaze Africa by Samsung was a never seen before collaboration of Africa’s most innovative designers, the even showcased 14 fashion and accessory designers from across Africa and  took place at the opening night of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa on Wednesday 30 October at the Pretoria City Hall.
Designers from Cote D’Ivoire, Angola, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania collaborated with equally representative accessory designers to create 28 exclusive ‘looks’ in line with Samsung’s initiative. Presented by Samsung, the#AmazeAfrica designers who participated in the collaboration include Marianne Fassler (South Africa), Quamta (South Africa), Albertus Swanepoel (South Africa/USA), Black Coffee (South Africa), LaurenceAirline (Cote D’Ivoire/France), Missibaba (South Africa), 1981 by Nana Brenu (Ghana/Italy), Adele Dejak (Uganda/Kenya), Projecto Mental (Angola), Rift Valley Leather (Kenya), Taibo Bacar (Mozambique), Pichulik (South Africa), Loin Cloth & Ashes (Tanzania/South Africa) and Doreen Mashika (Tanzania).

Doreen Mashika and Loin Cloth & Ashes Collaboration from Tanzania.
Photo: Take a Bow - Zanzibari designer Doreen Mashika and South African Loin Cloth and Ashes take their moment on the catwalk at Amaze Africa.
Other collaborations that caught my eye;
Black Coffee with Albertus SwanePoel

Adele Dejak & Nana Brenu