Forbes Africa's 50 Richest List 2013: The Billionaires

Just last week We saw Africa's 42 Billionaires From the Billionaire Census
Today We learn from Forbes there are indeed 50 Billionaires!  This is the Third Annual list the number keeps going up, they were 27. Aliko Dangote is still leading on Africa's Billionaires, with a net worth of $20 Billion! The Average net worth of each Billionaire on the list is$2.1 Billion and the total wealth of Africa's Billionaires is $103.8 Billion. 

There are 11 new billionaires on the list. Four of them are newcomers: Algeria’s Rebrab, Vimal Shah & family of KenyaRostam Azizi of Tanzania and Aziz Akhannouch of Morocco. But the rest were on last year’s Africa list and crossed over into billionaire territory within the past year. Stephen Saad of South Africa rode a rocketing share price at pharmaceutical firm Aspen Pharmacare, which took him to a net worth of $1.5 billion, up from $975 million a year ago. (Aspen Pharmacare manufactures drugs in 17 factories spread across five continents.)  Koos Bekker, the CEO of South African media and investment firm Naspers, joined the billionaires’ ranks as the value of his options and exercised shares rose-Forbes
And Yes thats right! We have 4 Tanzanians waving the flag on the Africa's Billionaires List 
Mohammed Dewji, Metl 

38 on Africa's 50 Richest
Net Worth: $500 Million
                              Age: 38
                                Source of Wealth: real estate, diversified, inherited and growing
                                Country of Citizenship: Tanzania
                                 Marital Status: Married
                           Children: 3

Reginald Mengi, IPP Media
34 on Africa's 50 Richest
Net Worth :$ 550 Million
                      Source of Wealth: media, mining, self-made
                             Country of Citizenship: Tanzania
 Rostam Aziz 
                                27 on Africa's 50 Richest
                               Net Worth: $ 1 Billion
                          Age: 49
                                 Source of Wealth: telecom, investments, self-made
                               Country of Citizenship: Tanzania
                              Marital Status: Married
                                           Said Salim Bakhressa, Bakhressa Group

                                                        38 on Africa's 50 Richest
                                                        Net Worth: $ 500 Million
·                                                                                                                         Age: 64
·                                                                                           Source of Wealth: manufacturing, self-made
·                                                                                                               Residence: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

And Mind you, Mohammed Dewji is the youngest Billionaire on the list! Age 38!
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