Is Rwanda at War?

RWANDA IS AT WAR!!, Well… That's According to People Magazine, They are the ones who broke the story on how Christina Aguilera who is a global spokesperson for Yum! Brands World Hunger Relief effort and an Ambassador Against Hunger for the UN World Food Programme, went to feed Hungry Children in war-Torn Rwanda

'"This trip came at a time when I really needed to step away and connect with bigger issues in the world, [and] this trip really touched me in a way I never felt before,came home and really wondered about why some people are born to some situations and others are born in a different place, had to come to terms with a little guilt even for coming home and not doing more. The people of Rwanda touched me in a way I cannot express or put into words. They are in a place that needs our help and I am so proud of the work that we are doing there” Stated Christina to People Magazine. 

Ikenna tells us more on the story

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Read The Full Story Here on The Guardian And watch the video Below of Christina in Rwanda