Millen Magese Giving back in Mtwara

While Model Millen Magese  was in Tanzania she took a tour down to her hometown in Mtwara where we hear she is building a school!
Congratulations to her for going back to her roots making a change!

Amazing team step by step my trip to Mjimwema just to pay a visit and see the construction to our new school parents here works so hard so hard ,well done to mtwara's region commissioner and everyone I'm impressed
I could only afford 55 desks ,they have total of 289 desks the school has over 1000 kids . If we join together we could help our govt and correct the situation all over Tanzania .Follow ur heart .I Was Here !Come join me here or be there for someone else and change their lives forever . Make a difference ,Make a change.Much Love

 The school costs 8.5 mil tsh per class I believe it's about 5000 if not 6000 per class . For now I'm alone looking to have an amazing team who can help me raise awareness to find funds . I was able to start with two which one is almost done -Millen 

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