Oneza Cover Kutlwano Magazine

Its Botswana's Biggest Magazine right now and O'neal and Feza Snagged a cover as Botswana's most celebrated Couple!

When asked if Feza would return to TZ 
Oneal :Feza is not going any where which could mean bigger things to come!” 
Oneal: wen I met Feza at Babylon (Hilton Hotel), where we were kept for a week before we went into biggies house,I knew I loved her. ” 
Feza: yes he was stubborn!I kept wonderin n wen I moved 2 the RH he was so cold 2 me n annoyed me wen he played hard to get

Oneal: if we didn’t fight, we would not be were we are now, we are friends, we love each other
Feza: Oneal is very strict and people thot he was controlling me,but O’ was my strength in that house!
Oneal: these high ranking people say they have been raising money for us and they want to hand us the cheque!” 
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