Smart Solutions: Espero Foundation

Nyabange Chirimi från Espero Foundation

Giving street children a chance into formal education, espero foundation by Nyabange Chirimi

Nyabange is a agriculturalist, teacher and trained administrator. In 2008 he helped 17 street children to sit for their Class 7 examination, 15 passed and joined secondary school. Since then Nyabange has been passionate about giving all street children the best chance to go into formal education.

The number of street children in Tanzania is high and increasing. They live on the streets without access to basic needs such as food, shelter and education. Nybange Chirimi, with his Mobile Classes for Street Children project, is working to bring street children into the formal education system, to respect their right to education and a future. The children get support and testing so that they can transfer into the formal education system.
via ReachForChange