Smart Solutions: Grow Campaign Ambassador talks on the Grow Campaign

Oxfam Grow Ambassador Shamim Mwasha talks about Oxfams Grow Campaign
Oxfam launched the GROW campaign to build a better food system: one that sustainably feeds a growing population (estimated to reach nine billion by 2050) and empowers poor people to earn a living, feed their families, and thrive.

Here's what GROW is doing now,

·                                 Increase the productivity, self-reliance, and economic opportunity of small-scale farmers, especially women, who depend on agriculture for income and food.
·                                 Increase farmers’ access to resources like water and land, and make sure they don’t have to unfairly compete with big companies for ownership of these resources.
·                                 Increase farmers’ preparedness in the face of more-frequent and more-extreme droughts, floods, and storms.
·                                 Modernize our food aid programs so they are more effective, efficient, and fiscally responsible, improving the global response to natural disasters and food crises.
·                                 Hold governments and businesses accountable for the impacts of their policies and practices on global food security.