Smart Solutions: Plastic Wastes to Fencing Posts

They says its not waste until its wasted and this entrepreneur made sure she doesnt waste any gold in the trashcans.
Lorna started EcoPost, a plastic recycling company in 2009, using plastic waste from dumpsites and garbage cans across Nairobi to manufacture fencing posts, Years later, she has made over 7,000 fencing posts, 500 new jobs and made more than  $ 150,000 in yearly revenues,  she saved over 250 acres of forests and 1,000 tonnes of plastic waste has been reduced from Nairobi thanks to her! We hear her business is facing more demand than she can satisfy and she is now thinking of replicating it across East Africa! Ecopost generates enough revenue to cover its production costs and overheads , very profitable with zero debt spending about $0.49 to produce one kilogram and sells them at twice this price on the market!
How it Started… Read More Below and watch her tell her inspiring story

Kenya’s forest reserves were fast depleting. The growing demand for timber used in building and construction was putting a lot of pressure on the country’s forests. Intensive logging over the years has reduced the country’s forest areas to less than 2 percent of the entire land mass, and many tree species are now on the endangered species list. If nothing was done quickly, Kenya would suffer irreparable environmental damage. If only there was a way to provide a close substitute to timber, a bad situation could be saved from getting worse. Like that wasn’t enough,Nairobi, the Kenyan capital city, generates no less than 3,000 metric tonnes of waste every day and about 20 percent of this is usually plastic waste.
But what to do? ECOPOST.
Using a simple manufacturing technique, injection moulding, Lorna proceeded to convert shredded and melted plastic to eco friendly fencing posts. They became widely sold as fencing posts, sign posts and for building and construction purposes.