World's Largest Debtor Governments

Looks Like Its Name Your Debtor Week!
After our Daresalaamian Boutique Owner Debtor Revelations  on Instagram now its IMF releasing nations with the highest Debts in the world,indebted to of course. IMF.
Greece  was number one with  a net debt of 172% of its GDP

Japan was second, net debt  of 140% of its GDP, $ 5 Trillion

Lebanon, Portugal Net debt as percentage of GDP: 118%  Estimated 2013 GDP: $219 billion, Grenada Net debt as percentage of GDP: 116%, Italy Net debt as percentage of GDP: 110%Estimated 2013 GDP: $2.1 trillion, Ireland,  Antigua and Barbuda, Cape Verde all have national debts that surpass their GDPs

United States made the 10th  , Their debt was is 87% of its GDP , $14.6 trillion to be specific.
Its tough out there for everyone ey...