2013 News that shook Tanzania

A walk down Memory Lane on Tanzania's Biggest Headlines in 2013 ....Did i forget something? 

Crowded Star Times Offices as Customers Buy Star times Decoders
Tanzania  implemented the East African resolve to have digital televisions as part of International Telecommunications Union (ITU) demands come 2015. At the stroke of Midnight 00.00  01- 01- 2013 all Televisions went Digital. The switch from analogue to digital broadcasting requires both broadcasters and consumers to buy new equipment that converts analogue signals to digital.

The Tanzanian High Court has finally granted bail to film actress Elizabeth Michael alias Lulu who was charged with manslaughter.Lulu allegedly killed without intention a local movie star Steven Kanumba on April 7, 2012 at Sinza Vatican in the city.

Demonstrations by Mtwara's residents demanding tangible benefits from the natural gas discovered off Mtwara's coast and protesting plans to transport the gas to Dar es Salaam for electricity production  Mtwara got violent, residents say they were opposed to the planned construction of a pipeline to convey gas to Dar es Salaam.They said the only way “forgotten” Mtwara could benefit from vast reserves of gas discovered in the region was for the resource to be processed at its source to create employment and fuel development.

Famous Irish Mountaneer Killed on Mt Kilimanajro after being struck by lighting

Executive Secretary for the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA), Dr Joyce Ndalichako holding up one of answer sheets of Form 4 2012 Necta candidates
 More than 65% of Tanzanian students failed the 2012 form four examinations, the worst result in history, spurring the government to form a temporary inquiry commission.
Only 126,851 passed the examination out of the 397,132 who attempted it. In 2011, 53.6% passed, and 50.4% passed in 2010.

 16-storey building that collapses at the junction of Indira Gandhi and Asia streets ,one of Dar es Salaam’s busiest business centres. 

Religion linked Violence

The tensions erupted into violence in the town of Buseresere in Tanzania's Geita region, where Muslim resentment had been growing over newly opened Christian-operated butcheries
Pastor Mathayo Kachili of the Tanzania Assemblies of God Church (TAG) was killed while trying to intervene in an attack by Muslim youths against Christian butchers, Six days later, Father Evarist Mushi, a Catholic priest, was murdered on the island of Zanzibar


Sanjay, KFC Tanzania's First Customer
KFC Opens Branch in Dar Es Salaam! ( Come on this was news too, there were atleast 400 people on the grand opening day)


The Vatican's ambassador to Tanzania was at the Roman Catholic church in Arusha, which had just been built and was holding its first mass, when the bomb went off.
He was unharmed, but two people died and 30 were injured in the first significant such raid on Tanzania's Christian community at worship.

Tanzania sends her troops in the DRC for a peace keeping mission about 100 Tanzanian troops arrived in eastern DRC,  Tanzanian troops are the first batch to form the UN intervention brigade to be deployed in eastern DRC following a Security Council resolution in March
Sooner After
The March 23 movement (M23) threateaned that they will attack and kill Tanzania’s troops if they join a UN mission aimed at neutralizing armed groups in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
Tanzania Foreign Minister Bernad Membe
"This is intimidation, they must stop it," Membe  Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe told parliament
Membe said the 1,000 Tanzanian soldiers, who are part of a new 3,000-strong UN force, would respond to any aggression from the M23. "If they provoke us, we will retaliate."

According to the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, poaching  drastically reduced the elephant population to fewer than 70,000 in 2012 from about 109,000 in 2009.Amid outcries from lawmakers about the increase in poaching, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism Khamis Sued Kagasheki told parliament on May 2nd that President Jakaya Kikwete has authorized the deployment of army units for anti-poaching operations.
"The president has issued the order," Kagasheki told parliament. "I have talked to Minister of Defence and National Service [Shamsi Vuai Nahodha] and we are at the final stages. I do not say when, but we are going to do something that will be remembered by generations to come." Hence, Tanzania starts using Soldiers to fight poaching...

Rwanda President Paul Kagame threatens to hit President Jakaya Kikwete  for  suggesting that the Rwandan government should negotiate with Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda FDLR
“Those people [Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete] you just heard siding with Interahamwe and FDLR and urging negotiations… negotiations? Me, I do not even discuss this topic, because I will just wait for you [Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete] at the right place and I will hit you! He[Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete] did not deserve my answer. I did not waste my time answering him…It is well known. There is a line you cannot cross, there is a line, a line that you should never cross. It is impossible…”
Eventually the two settled out their differences....
But trust Global publishers to make it look like we were going to war

 38 year old CEO of METL, becomes the First Tanzanian to Cover Forbes Magazine. Forbes Africa July Issue 2013. 

A few days after the approval of the budget, it became clear that the government had imposed a once-a-month levy of TZS 1,000 for every SIM card. Surprisingly, Members of Parliament and ordinary citizens who were following up the budget speech claimed that the levy, subsequently dubbed the “SIM Card Tax”, was not discussed in Parliament. It led to a national debate among citizens, mobile phone operators, media houses, technocrats and Members of Parliament.

Tanzania’s mobile networks . Tigo, Airtel, Zantel, Tanzania Telecommunications Company (TTCL) and Vodacom Tanzania  sought an injunction barring the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) from implementing a SIM card duty that would require phone users to pay TZS1,000 (US$0.62) every month, TRA was forced to halt collection of this tax until the matter ws further discussed, case listened to and opinions of public and Mobile networks gathered..PS..The President called this Tax off
Swiss central bank released a report  stating  Countries who’re stashing away Billions in the Swiss Tanzania is among eleven African countries whose nationals have secretly stashed away millions of dollars in the country’s banks, a whopping Sh315.5 billion ($196.87 million) in Swiss banks, From business Tycoons to Government Officials


President Barack Obama and President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania  during the arrival ceremony at Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, July 1, 2013. Obama stayed in Tanzania for 23 hours.
After an afternoon arrival ceremony, he held a bilateral meeting and press conference with President Jakaya Kikwete

TID overreacts on Sporah’s choice of questions on the Sporah Show

The tug of war began sometime in July following Malawi’s prospecting for oil in Lake Nyasa through an international firm, Surestream Soon after the exploration of oil and gas began on the Lake, Tanzanian authorities asked Malawi government to stop the exercise until the matter is resolved.
"Much as it is a well-known fact the Lake Malawi belongs to Malawi, we will engage our Tanzanian counterparts into a diplomatic dialogue to resolve our differences amicably," President Joyce  Banda of Malanda
The Two countries vowed not to go war and are still at talks to resolve the issue...we hear soldiers were sent to guard Lake Nyasa sometime back in July...wouldnt it be funny if Mozambique came out of the blue and claimed Nyasa too...

Television talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey, landed in Serengeti for a weekend getaway with Boyfriend Steadman

Two Tanzanian citizens, Video Vixen Agnes Masogange and  her cousin Melissa Edward, were arrested at OR Tambo International airport with six bags of tik worth more than seven billion Tanzanian shillings, weighing a total of 160 KGs. This was said to be the largest seizure at South African ports
The Minister of Transport later on released a report after his investigation on the whole ploy on how the girls exited Tanzania with 160 Kg of tik, fired responsible officials and buffered up airport security. 
It is this very month that we also discovered that the Transport Minster has a fancy little picture of the Video Vixen on his iPad

Survivers Paddle to land
The Tanzanair plane on its belly in Lake Manyara where it ditched on Thursday after all its engines seized. All six passengers and its pilot survived the crash. all the engines ceased at 16,000 feet above sea level.The pilot Captain Kondo announced he had lost one engine at 21,000 feet above sea level., he aimed at the water to minimize impact
The university of Dar-es-Salaam has ranked fourth among top 100 popular universities and higher learning institutions in Africa. This is according to 4icu.org


The Tanzanian government stated it was committed to stamping out child labor in small-scale gold mines after a U.S. rights group revealed thousands of minors were at risk from working in dangerous conditions.New York-based Human Rights Watch said children as young as eight years old were working in small mines in Tanzania, Africa's fourth-largest gold producer.The story of Adam on CNN  the child Minor who almost died brought great uproar from Human rights groups.

Dar es Salaam Tearing down the old to build the new ... with some of those old buildings being knocked down to make way for skyscrapers.

A special operation to flush out illegal immigrants popularly known as 'Operation Kimbunga' wiped out a 'Burundi empire' which saw that country's currency and curriculum being used at Nyamugali village, Kasulu District in Kigoma Region. Yes, a state was flushed out of a state.

Wilfred Moshi, First Tanzanian to climb Mount Everest, describes the experience in new documentary

Congolese musician Nguza Viking, alias Babu Seya, and his son, Johnson Nguza, alias Papii Kocha, challenged the life imprisonment sentence imposed on them for raping minors will be on October 30, this year. The two were requesting the justices to go again through the judgment they delivered on February 11, 2010.They  lost their last defense option after the Court of Appeal dismissed their appeal for the Court to review of their life imprisonment sentence for raping minors.

Opposition MP Joseph Mbilinyi of Chadema  causes chaos in the parliament building, thrown out by parliamentary security officers after  he and his colleagues from his party refused to abide by an order to leave the House issued by Deputy Speaker Job Ndugai
You can watch the video below
Not to  be outdone, just a week later ...ruling party MP Peter Serukamba, a CCM MP, Told his  his colleagues ‘Come on Fuck You’ after they booed him as he stood up to speak.

Tanzanian authorities announced that 952 suspected poachers have been arrested and 104 ivory seized since a special anti-poaching operation and 1,458 rounds of ammunition been seized(Operation Tokomeza Ujangili) was in progress for two months ago. The Minister for Defense and National Service, Shamsi Vuai Nahodha, told a news conference in Dodoma that 631 firearms, including 13 military weapons, have been seized during the operation jointly conducted by the Tanzania People's Defense Force, Tanzania Police Force and Tanzania National Parks The operation was launched under the background of reports that Tanzania was losing 30 elephants a day or 10,000 a year to poachers.
Tanzania Isolated in EAC Bloc
Tanzania was being isolated because of a number of issues. These include its arguably slow speed, dragging of the feet, not committing to attend meetings, land as an integration issue, Tanzania’s contribution of military personnel to fight the M23 rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Obama visit to Tanzania and the sour Rwanda-Tanzania relationship. The President addressed the parliament later on in November explaining the matter and stating strongly ‘We will not leave EAC’
FFU trying to calm the chaos in Mbeya as EFD Protests get violent
Kariakoo Businesmen Protest EFD Machine
Business was brought to a standstill at Kariakoo in Dar es Salaam yesterday after traders closed their shops protesting against the use of Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs). While in Mbeya the protest was much more violent pushing the military to intervene

Zanzibar acid attack on two British teenage girls,
Liquid from car batteries, including highly corrosive sulphuric acid, was hurled at Kirstie Gupp and Katie Gee, both 18, while they were volunteering as teachers at a Anglican-affiliated orphanage on the African island.

Tanzania’s Pemba Island  becomes the first in Africa to put up an underwater hotel room.Manta Resort has opened a plush hotel room beneath the Indian Ocean charging $900 (TSh1, 485,000) per night for singles and  $1,500 (TSh2,475,000) per night for a couple
4 Tanzanian Millionaires make it to Forbes Africa’s 50 Richest List 2013, Said Salim Bakhressa, Rostam Azizi, Reginald Mengi and Mohammed ‘Mo’ Dewji 


President Jakaya Kikwete of Tanzania declared 3 days of mourning following the death of Nelson Mandela

Ethiopian Boeing 767 crash-lands in Arusha with more than 200 passengers and crew on board cruised the entire length of the runway before skidding and coming to a stop on the grass. It landed in Arusha by Mistake, no one was hurt

 Operation Tokomeza Causes Uproar in Parliament
Now..the parliament was in full support of this plan Operation Tokomeza until just recently 4 ministers ,Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Emmanuel Nchimbi, the Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Ambassador Hamisi Kagasheki, the Minister for Defence and National Service, Mr Shamsi Vuai Nahodha and the Minister for Livestock Development, Mr David Mathayo were relieved of their duties after it was revealed that Operation Tokomeza violated human rights causing quite an uproar in the parliament house earlier this month ,President Jakaya Kikwete’s decision to relieve four ministers of their duties yesterday helped in defusing the tension in the house, it also helped secure The Prime Ministers Job!

Wema and Diamond Re-unite once again, on stage at his Kids Christmas show at Leaders Club, he stated they were back together.

28-year-old woman from Tanzania arrested on a charge of drug possession in Macau, After undergoing an X-ray scan, the suspect excreted 66 pellets of heroin weighing 1.1 KG

The Pellets and her belongings were placed on the table, while herself masked, as photographers snapped away. Her belongings included 2 white cell phones, Samsung and an iPhone to which Tanzanians recognized and put a name to the masked woman…Video Vixen and former Miss Tanzania Jackie Clifford Fitzpatrick famously known as ...'The Boss Lady'