South African 5 star Luxury Resort 'Emoya' Builds Fake Slum for Tourists to experience 'Slum life'

Just when you think you've seen it all... you ever want to experience slum life in a safe environment? Sure no Problem!! Emoya Private Game Reserve, Conference Centre and Spa in Bloemfontein, South Africa has created a fake slum for you, in a game reserve!
They state on their page:
Millions of people are living in informal settlements across South Africa. These settlements consist of thousands of houses also referred to as Shacks, Shantys or Makhukhus. A Shanty usually consists of old corrugated iron sheets or any other waterproof material which is constructed in such a way to form a small “house” or shelter where they make a normal living. A paraffin lamp, candles, a battery operated radio, an outside toilet (also referred to as a long drop) and a drum where they make fire for cooking is normally part of this lifestyle.Now you can experience staying in a Shanty within the safe environment of a private game reserve. This is the only Shanty Town in the world equipped with under-floor heating and wireless internet access

My Goodness People Have the NERVE!