What makes the world go round

3 years ago on a sunday afternoon I was browsing around different blogs, mainly fashion and entertainment...
I was correcting things and noting things down
Complaining about the type of blogs we have available to us, whining and whining.

Then it came to me like an epiphany, why dont I create something I want to see
Wednesday March 31st 2010. My First Post

I was not much of a fashionista but I loved fashion, so i said let me start with that, and I was shy about it,
 didnt want anyone to see it because I thought it was so little and so basic. Who would read it?
And so I thought of it like a diary, where people read a certain unknown girls fashion ideas or basic social news, Just didn't want to introduce it as my own mainstream, It felt incompetent to whatever we had as fashion blogs in Tanzania or worldwide. Until well a year later when a friend said 'I read ur blog' I choked a little and panicked, did she like it? Did she hate it? Does she think its stupid? So i wrote some more everyday, just so she would visit and not find it idle or not get bored, I'd be embarrased if she said it was boring. I tried, so hard, 10 posts per day, juggling that with college was really easy I'm a writer its a walk in a park then assignments got heavy and I got slow and another friend called me ' Why aren't you blogging anymore?'
That was a real surprise, you mean there's more than 1 person reading the blog? I had no idea what google analytics was, or blogger statistics, I didnt even know how to check I was just blogging coz I loved writing and I loved fashion...and she told me 'yeah of course, we all read it' more pressure for me with a little excitement this time. So i started blogging more seriously and googled around on how to check statistics and I got it....i was so shocked to know  that i had 100 readers a day! So i blogged more and more and boom..1000! It might seem like a little number still but i drank a little wine on that,created labels and panels for my posts too...just to keep the reader interested.  It wasnt something that I expected  at all...and to be nominated for Swahili Fashion Week twice, was ovewhelming! I thought wow, they're not only reading, They think I should be awarded? Well, thats something, and then winning was like...they really think my little world deserves this award, meaning,boy I'm gonna need to do some more on this blog thing for those voters. I didn't make it to swahili fashion week 2013 for reasons out of my control,But I was saddened to not attend... what Can i say I'm a sucker for the crowd...but i realized, all is well, my readers who nominated and voted  for us,deserve this...this Thank You Note for awarding me and for passing by here. So here it is. This is me saying if you're in My city lets grab a mojito! Cheers to every single person I nagged to vote, if i got aggressive forgive me...(thats a joke by the way, no aggression was used to win this award) 
Also, Swahili Fashion Week organizers, we, laprincessaworld would love to thank you for recognizing our contribution in the ever so growing Tanzanian Fashion Industry. This award makes this world go round....


La Princessa