Faraja Nyalandu launches New Book 'Unaweza'

'Shule Direct'  Director  Faraja Nyalandu (Looking lovely as always) launched her new book 'Unaweza'  at The National Central Library, Dar Es Salaam, where it shall be available to all students who are interested in ways of improving in their studies as illustrated in the book. 
Faraja describes her book 'Unaweza' as a tool to help students cope with their studies, giving them tips and pointers on how to succeed with their studies and deal with challenges in understanding and grasping study programs and so forth. 
Props to Faraja! we need more people helping young people cope with education, head on to the Maktaba Kuu and get your copy! 
Faraja also stated that 50% of the book sales will go to Korogwe Teachers College.