Post Achievenment Award For Shabaan Robert

Shaaban Robert's grand-daughter, Amina Wazir, collects award for her genius grand-dad from  Mr Frederick 
Sumaye. On the right, seated is His Excellency High Commissioner of Tanzania, Hon. Peter Kallaghe.

Organised by New Deal Africa, the award is for language and education enhancement – two of the dearest values promoted by her maternal grandfather. Amina is a respected and active member of the community she lives in; for years she has been running Kiswahili classes in the city.

New Deal Africa also issued awards to notable overseas-based Tanzanians
In his lifetime Shaaban Robert’s was hardly known internationally. Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe once wrote that when they met there was not much to speak about since the Tanzanian writer’s work was in Kiswahili.
Despite this lack of translation, Shaaban Robert was awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire) and Margaret Wrong Memorial Prize for his literary contribution.
His full name combines Muslim (Shaaban) and Christian (Robert) identities – to express his lack of religious bias
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