Smart Solutions:Puku Charger

In the world of smart phones and dumb batteries, there is a solution to "today's Generations"  biggest problem, Phone out of charge-at a party. 

The Puku charger features an exceptionally powerful, portable, and rechargeable battery for smart phones, tablets, mobile or hand-held devices with USB chargers. With a single charge of 8000 mAh, this battery pack can offers at least 1149 hours of standby time, 56 hours of talk time and 153 hours of media play time. A single charge  provides at least 5 full charges for your smart phone. No more dying Batteries!

See  the man behind it all, CEO of Puku Charger LLC ,Meck Khaflan Mbwana, Tanzanian  residing in New York on Arise Entertainment 360
 The Puku has become a fashion accessory, trendy and colorful....a must have for  fashionistas all across the globe!
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