Spotlight: Linda Bezuindenhout

 Linda Bezuidenhout (LB) is a Tanzanian fashion designer based in Atlanta, USA

Linda is also famous designing for pageant queens

'I have been in the pageantry world since when I was in Africa Tanzania. I loved to work with the MISS TANZANIA organization and pageants of all kinds when I was in Tanzania way back in the day'

What I like the most is the themes she adds to her designs,

showcasing some of her attire at the inter white party 2013 by American Cancer society @Georgina Terrace,Atlanta.  etheral Angel

Royal Blue with Miss Georgie Plus. She Dressed Miss Georgia Plus contestants.


AVANT-GARDE fashion Extravaganza

Alice in the wonderland


Queens of the night Extravaganza Couture runway

Feather Cocktail and Peacock Dress