The Black Woman Art Chair

I dont know what to call it, so let me call it just that. The black woman art chair, the internet went frenzy days ago after Russian Socialite Dasha Zhukova (Roman Abromavich's Girlfriend) was pictured sitting on the mannequin of a half-naked black woman, the Russian Editor-In-Chief of Garage Magazine posed on the half naked black woman mannequin as part of interview with new Russian online magazine, Buro 24/7,Editor of the magazine Mirosalva Duma has since issued an apology and taken down the picture from the website

In short they're saying 'Sorry, not sorry'
The fact that the woman being sat on is black is quite disturbing...then again there is still the other fact stinging in my head that even if the woman was white....(see below) why  would a woman find these mannequins okay? In this day and age of equal rights and feminism...why would a woman even think this was art appropriate? Its sad that some of us have the nerve to call this sort of extreme objectification, ART.

They're called Bondage chairs by Allen Jones Circa 1969, and there are sets of furniture just like them...sick and twisted in the name of art. sigh.