Young Tanzanian Achiever


Najmah Khariri, 12, Tanzanian sixth grader at Martin Luther King Middle School, the enormous book-lover is making headlines her book reading is at college freshman level!

Charlotte Obsever;
Najmah Khariri, 12, loves reading so much that she averages more than two hours daily. And that’s after school.She floored her sixth-grade social studies teacher at the start of the year. “From day one, literally the first day of school, she came in and already had a book to read,” said Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School’s Charlie Williams.If he’d conferred with her fifth-grade teacher at Briarwood Elementary, Ashley Reynolds, he might not have been so surprised. Reynolds said during the two-week winter break, she challenged her students to a book-reading contest. Najmah won with 26 books, about 5,000 pages.Williams said Najmah is at a college-freshman reading level.
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