Charles Lokong:Comedy

Fat Boy animations remake the famous Charles Lokong (Kenyan Runner) interview. Hilarious.His voice hit the airwaves after an interview conducted soon after the Kass FM 2012 marathon in Kenya, where he turned up 74...thats not what made him famous, what made him famous was the interview he gave on Kass FM right after the race.

Peep at the actual interview below and his response after this animation circulated. On his Defence both Swahili and English are new languages to him.

 Journalist: We have one of competitors in the Kass fm International Marathon. Ah What is your name?

Jalis: My name is Jalis *Charles* Lokong (panting) In the marathon is very fine, in the starting, in the coming, in the sprint, in the going in the CHEPARPAR, in the moving in the hill work, in the going in the chepterit in the hill is so yaani KOCHULAT koleatkoto gos inie in the church of SDA, in the rush hours in the people in the coming of the group in the Kachololkong kotis piik in the coming in the people, alongside, people not less than 416 in bracket. in so that when you go in the mosoriot in the close in the open the gap yes the gepping divert in the airport no people as a group in the back.

Journalist: If i may ask what made you run well from the airport?

Jalis: No when am in the airpor, in the pipo in the water, the blue hills water in the giving in the me in the take take, me take water, in the me in the capture the water in the hand in the going in the airport. Not Langas, we call ngomwa in Kapseret is the 12Km remain me I am going now and then in the swing in the hands and i used the Chesti in the bracket i leave pipol when kilene kuskong kikurene eng kingereza in the look back No pipol! No pipol! and am happy me going in the rush hours and this infront aaro kambet katarchin yo.

 Journalist: And who are you dedicating this race to?

Jalis: Dedicate to my new marriage I have new wife in the house.

Journalist: What is the name?

Jalis: Shes calling Alice Jebet Lokong, karipu tena asande zana.

Charles Response after the Animation circulated