Kwanza Press Launches New Monthly Journal

Kwanza Press announced today the launch of a new print community journal, Tanzanian Mirror
The journal will make its debut with an April edition and will publish every month thereafter.  Subscribers receive the publication for free. Our journal will depend extensively upon loyal readership to be effective at advertising. The journal will also be available on demand at The on-demand journal will allow us to repackage stories and offer it for those in international who want to have the print journal or for those who want the back issues of a digital version.

 Tanzanian Mirror will promote the positive image of Tanzania and enterprises in the USA, will celebrate the intellectual and cultural "renaissance" of Tanzanians living in the USA also will encourage them to give of their time, talents, ideas and expertise whilst inspiring the next generation of Tanzanian leaders.

Kwanza Press has identified a void in East African communities’ media market in the USA. "We know through our market research that there is a real need for a publication like this," said Kwanza Press’s Vice President Pauline Emmanuel, who will serve as the journal’s chief-in- editor.  

The initial press run of Tanzanian Mirror will be 20,000 copies monthly, of which 18,500 copies will be direct-mailed to households with an average household income of $70,000 or more in the USA. The remaining 1,500 copies will be targeted through higher institutions and venue distribution (churches, high end retail stores, high end restaurants, businesses, etc.).  

Florah Mruga will serve as editor assistant of Tanzanian Mirror previous editorial endeavors include freelance ghost writer and book editor. "This publication will also aim to embody the cultivated and innovative the awareness of Tanzania in the USA through impassioned and independent coverage of the Tanzanian’s arts, entertainment and businesses," she said.

Kwanza Press is a fast-growing integrated media company that aims to publish multicultural literature and literacy eBooks and paperback books, journals and magazines In addition to its physical magazines, Kwanza Press also produces 4 publication-related websites.
For more details and submissions, please contact us through the information below

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